Skate Spots

Thanks to Skatepark Hunter for their Skatepark directory.

North Island

Abbots Way Mini Ramp
The sister ramp to Greylynn, actually more like big brother. Bigger Trannies mean bigger air.

Avalon Skatepark
Pretty basic park but works quite well. Try not to knock over too many kids on scooters, just enough of them to teach their parents not to bring them back.

Birkenhead Skatepark
Fun little parks with a ton of random shit everywhere. The mini ramps are a little tight and the layout of the place can leave you guessing at lines but all in all its pretty fun and everything but the mini's are very skateable.

Brownsbay Mini Ramp
Two ramps for the price of one, but as with most ramps that have two levels, the vert is a little fast and the mini is real slow.

Cambridge Skatepark
Mean, check out the curved ledge.

Chafers Skatepark
An unused patch of concrete right in the middle of town that skaters have made their own. It's permanent features are a huge Quarter pipe, a crazy pyramid, an over used concrete grinder, a metal rail and the hardest, fastest mini I have ever seen. Everything else just seems to come and go in various states of disrepair.

Devonport Skatepark
Great looking park with unlimited lines. Plenty of hips, gaps and transfers to push yourself and keep looking for more.

Forrest Skatepark
I don't know if you can call it a park, it is more like a street spot on the side of the road. However if you are into ledges it is pretty sweet. The only problem is that once you get to the bottom you have to walk back up. The pictures say it all. Ledges and hand rails. The most unique obstacle is the pole jam at the bottom. Pretty much worth going there just to skate that!

Gisborne Skatepark
Small mini with multiple spines and roll-through's leads onto a huge court scattered with benches and homemade grinders. Up the back is a fun kidney bowl, maybe a touch shallow, and the leftovers off all the concrete shaped into some sort of abstract shape.

Glendowie Skatepark
It is a pretty simple park made by Tom Smithers skateparks. Trannys are sweet, and both funboxes are fully skateable. Also has good drainage.(only takes a couple hours to fully dry) Good place for a late Sunday skate with a few cold ones.

Greylynn Mini Ramp
The mighty Greylynn mini. This baby blue wonder is legendary, and it should be. It's easily one of the best public mini ramps in New Zealand.

Hamilton Skatepark
Dope park, try to skate here every time you pass through. Hips, ledges, pyramid and according to Cardiel, best bowl in the country.

Havelock North Bowl
Great little old bowl with a big hip in the middle of it that just begs to be ollied.

Hawera Skatepark
Im sure there are some better lines in the mounds than the ones we found and the mini's are also of an interesting shape. Not hard to have fun here but you will need some imagination. Since this photo there has been additions to the street section.

Huia Mini Ramp
I thought this mini ramp was meant to be a replica of Greylynn, but it aint. Not even close. Small and tight but still very skateable.

Inglewood Mini Ramp
Fun little five foot mini with some super dodgy coping. Crazy concrete and brick street area for some jibbing practice.

Island Bay Skatepark
Nice park extension to the existing mini ramp. Some of the banks are a little steep but there are some fun lines and a good grinder. Great for those windy days as it is pretty sheltered

Karori Mini Ramp
Very mellow three foot mini with block extension. Good to learn on and try new tricks.

Khandallah Mini Ramp
One of the better mini's in Wellington. The Trannies seem a little mellow but that just may be a little too much flat bottom. Good to go but beware the evil moat of doom.

Levin Skatepark
Practically flawless apart from a pretty outrageous Kinker thingy.

Lincoln Road Skatepark
Newer park with lots of good hips and fun lines. The bowl section never really gets steep enough to grind the coping but otherwise still a fun park with good flow.

Lynnfield Bowl
Older park, the lefthand side starts in a tight snake run that leads into a decent 5 foot bowl. The Hourglass bowl has 5 and 6 foot sections joined by two hips. This bowl has crazy pool style transitions with mad vert. If you ever wanted to skate a backyard pool this could be as close as you get.

Manukau Skatepark
Cool park with a great layout. They did screw up some of the trannies but the multitude of good obstacles will keep you happy for days.

Morrinsville Bowl
Old pool style bowl. A challenge to skate, not because of bad transitions, but due to no flat bottom and vert walls.

Mount Maunganui Skatepark
As you can tell it was raining so I didn't skate for very long. Looks good though.

Mount Maunganui Vert Ramp
Great vert ramp, nice and wide, good trannies, channel and its well maintained by the council. What more could you ask for.

Napier Skatepark
Basically two bowls with the larger one forming most of the street course. Bowl to bowl gaps, handrail, rubbish bin, and much more. Unfortunately the lack of surrounding concrete lets down the design by making runs ups and run outs almost impossible for some lines.

New Plymouth Skatepark
Huge street style park with soo many features that it's hard to do it justice with just a few photos and some words. Very open, very good, adjustable handrails and everything had a metal edge. What more can I say.

Newlands Skatepark
Umm, yeah.

Newlynn Bowl
The concrete here is so old that its almost extinct. Some complete tripper must have designed this but that doesn't mean that its not skateable. I'm sure there is a line through the snake run and the lower bowl has its merits. Definitly worth the challenge.

Ngatea Skatepark
Sweet little concrete pad with some skateable wood on it.

Ohakune Mini Ramp
Good five foot mini, was a little kinked at first but that has kinda worn in now.

Ohakura Mini Ramp
Fun little mini ramp. shit everything about this place is mini. Mini coping, mini ramp, mini park. Have you seen the park? Like WTF. Crazy little mini park where everything is built for toddlers or smurfs. Hence all the prams and training wheels. Has a kindergarten feel to it and would work better as a drain or sandpit than a skatepark.

Onehunga Vert Ramp
Well looked after vert ramp (one of the few in NZ). Its been recently widened by a couple of sheets of ply which is what most ramps in this country need. Eleven foot high with one foot of vert.

Opunake Skatepark
I did have a photo of the bowl here as well but its gone so here is photo of the tin, skinny vert ramp.

Paeroa Skatepark
Dope park, simple but well thought out. Other councils take note, this is all good.

Pakaranga Skatepark
Pretty basic park, probably not all that much thought gone into it. Fun little taco thing at one end but the best feature was the 'Skatepark' sign. Of course the council saw that people were having too much fun so they blocked off the run in.

Panmure Skatepark
Pretty simple park. Unfortunately no tranny\'s however heaps of ledges and a couple rails for all the tech heads. Fun box pretty good but not much landing roll-away space. Two pretty good hips in each corner are probably the highlights for me. Also has a unique bank gap to ledge which is pretty different. Park is kind of ruined buy to many stairs which kill the flow.

Papamoa Skatepark
Pretty basic park but they still managed to screw up parts of it. Lots of wide open space though.

Papatoetoe Skatepark
Two shallow bowls joined by a mellow spine/hip. One of the bowls has a little coping round the deep end.

Paraparaumu Skatepark
Recently revamped with all the old wooden structures gone. Good open layout with a lot of fun lines. All the features are pretty mellow and some of the coping is a little sunken, but nothing to complain about. Pity about the old mini ramp being taken but its an overall improvement. Get there early to avoid the crowds or late to avoid the heat.

Parrs Park Mini Ramp
Old wooden 6 foot mini with 1 foot extensions. Very skateable.

Pauanui Skatepark
Sick park although not to much in the way of street obstacles. Has great flow, plenty of lines and a good mix of banks and trannies.

Porirua Skatepark
Super good park with one of the best kidney bowls I have skated. Some of the boxes around the outside of the park are a little hard to get to but the hips in the middle more than make up for it. Definitely worth checking out.

Putaruru Bowl
Super fun older bowl. Five foot section flows into a seven foot section with hips and vert extension. The trannies are all good, especially for being over 20 years old. Worth the stop.

Rotorua Skatepark
Plenty of features here to keep you busy but beware the shiny slippery silver surfaces.

Stanmore Bay Skatepark
The park is pretty simple. The coping on the bowl is a bit strange but everything else is sweet. Pyramid is pretty fun and a bit different with the smaller one on the side.

Stokes Valley Mini Ramp
Still my favorite ramp in Wellington, similar to Khandallah but without the slow motion feeling and extensions on both sides.

Taradale Skatepark
Crazy older skatepark with heaps of crazy banks and transitions. Super fun and real challenging. There is also a big vert ramp there which I am sitting on.

Taupo Skatepark
Sick, very sick. Go and skate it.

Te Atatu Skatepark
Cool little street setup with some good ledges including a curved one."

Te Ngae Skatepark
Drop in, ollie, grind. simple

Te Puke Skatepark
Some good ledges and a rail, the whole thing flows pretty well too.

Thames Skatepark

Tokoroa Skatepark
Sweet setup. Very skateable and close to the supermarket for that cheap drink.

Tole Reserve Bowl
Downhill snakerun leading into two separate shallow bowls. Kinda stupid but people were on a lot of drugs back then. Some fun, and LARGE grass gaps to be had.

Upland Rd Bowl
Shallow dish leading into a snakerun that leads into a very kinked five foot bowl.

Upper Hutt Skatepark
Damn this place is sick. Plenty to do with lots of banks, rails, ledges, stairs, gaps, hips and the bowl. It's probably a good thing that its all the way out in Upper Hutt, else it would be forever crowded.

Victoria Skatepark
As good as it looks with a good variety of features and everything being very skateable. As it has been built over some old tennis courts the ground surface can be a bit rough, tearing you apart at speed, which is what you will need if you want to clear some of the features. But hey, you arent afraid of a little blood are ya? Oh, there is also a new mini since this photo was taken.

Waihi Skatepark
Small funbox and ledge added to the main feature of the old bowl. I'm all about the bowl, scares the shit outta me everytime.

Waitangi Skatepark
Half park/half sculpture Waitangi skatepark in Wellington is a great improvement to the old chafers park that used to be there. It boasts one of the best bowls in New Zealand and has a 2-3 lane street course that lets you grind the planters, jib the rocks, weave through basket-ballers and whatever else you can fit in while trying to avoid the lure of the bowl. Not an easy task.

Wanganui Skatepark
Mellow four foot spine ramp opens out into a large park with banks, bowls, hips and stairs. I hope they have fixed the fun box since I was last there, as you can see it sits 20mm off the ground.

Whakatane Skatepark
Damn good park with a great flow to it. Friendly locals too. Definitely worth the drive if you arent lucky enough to already live there. Oh, it's sign posted as well. Nice.

Whangamata Skatepark
Compact but well thought out addition to the old bowl. Everything skates pretty well and a good variety of features will keep you happy on those flat days.

Whangarei Skatepark
Well built park with good open layout and flow.

Whangarei Bowl
Super fun lines to be had everywhere. Push once and pump for hours.

Whitianga Skatepark
A few random wooden structures added to the permanent concrete features. Nothing really stands out but skaters are meant to be creative, right?

South Island

Arrowtown Skatepark
Fun little park even if the funbox is a touch steep. Some cool lines and a nice warm glacier fed river to cool off in.

Ashburton Skatepark
Super smooth 'street' style park with ledges, rails, gaps, a pyramid and metal park benches. Bright flood lights make skating an option anytime and Mc D's is right across the road.

Balclutha Skatepark
Pretty sweet park for a town of this size. A large concrete mini dominates the setup but the hottest feature is the stepped curved ledge you wished you could find on the street, sick. Fun box is well built with good angles and decent height ledges. Go there and try SSBSTS off the drop for hours.

Bishopdale Skatepark
The obstacles here aren't the most useable, but the random mounds and lump lying around make this place pretty interesting. Definitely worth a look.

Blenheim Skatepark
Dope park, real wide open and spacious. Heaps of room. Grinders are ridiculously grindy and the Quarter pipe seems a little chunky. Plenty of lines and cool stuff to skate. Mean.

Brockville Mini Ramp
Sweet little mini. Metal, mellow and just a little narrow but no complaints.

Bromley Mini Ramp
Rather large mini. A fair bit of flat bottom but because it's concrete you still seem to be able to generate copious amounts of speed.

Cromwell Skatepark
Both Twizel and Cromwell have almost identical parks but the Twizel one wins as it as actually skateable. Cromwell is a bit of a joke.

Dunedin Skatepark
Damn, a ton of lines and features. If only some of the grinders were a good length it would be unfaultable. Dope 4 foot bowl to rip around in too. Duds baby.

Fairfield Mini Ramp
Sick 5 ft mini which spines into a 7ft mini. Nice and smooth with perfect trannies and big fat coping. There is also a small wee ramp and the locals have a ghetto street setup on the tennis courts as well.

Geraldine Bowl
Believe it or not, this place was packed with BMXer's when we got here.

Hoon Hay Skatepark
The only real feature is the clover bowl which is pretty damn fun although kinda tight. It's all about concrete grinds as the new coping is crazy and they fucked it up. Cardiel would kill this place but wish it was deeper. Raw.

Invercargill Skatepark
Sweet little park, lots of open space and some random features make it pretty fun but there's not too much flow. There are some lines but the placement of obstacles seems pretty random. Still everything is skateable which is more than you can say about some other parks.

Invercargill Mini Ramp
Good for a quiet mini ramp session

Jellie Skatepark
Fast and hard with some hips, banks and quarters. Some of the features are a little tight but everything is skateable and there are definitely some fun lines and decent ollies to be had.

Kaikoura Skatepark
Pretty small but looks like a heap of fun if you got the time.

Linwood Skatepark
Fools beware, don't fuck with the ghetto. This place means business and so do the locals. Nah, just messin wit ya. Weird layout that is hard to suss out but some unique lines hidden throughout. Head there for a challenge.

Lyttleton Skatepark
With only three features this place is small but more fun than watchin models mud wrestle. I'm going back for more.

Milton Skatepark
All good really, some fun transfers from big tranny to little and so on and so forth.

Mornington Skatepark
Fun but hard to get used to. Built on a hill so there aint much flow, more of a one hit wonder park. Some crazy shit has gone down here although i don't know how. Watch the locals for ideas as they have the whole place dialed.

Mosgiel Mini Ramp
Two wooden mini ramps, the larger is around five foot with a good trannie but not too much in the width department. Still one of the better mini's in Dunedin though. The smaller ramp is almost too mellow but you can still have fun on it. Together these ramps gear you up for a progression session, learn on one then take it to the next. Rippin.

Mosgiel Skatepark
This park is as simple as it looks, a grinder and a small pyramid. Heaps of fun but can get tedious quick.

New Brighton Skatepark
An older park with a few newer additions. Not much to it really, the new grinder is definitely a start but the lump of concrete that is meant to be a pyramid is far too steep to be of any use. The older banks are great for busting fat ollies and tricks over though. Funny that.

Oamaru Mini Ramp
I think they have built a park since I was last there, and I hear that it is pretty good.

Oamaru Skatepark
Great park with some super fun ledges.

Picton Skatepark
It's just a huge expanse pf concrete and not that much else. Some pretty fun stuff and a way better way to pass the time while waiting for the ferry than acquiring food poisoning from the dodgy chippers.

Picton Mini Ramp
Large but mellow.

Queenstown Skatepark
Woah bad photo. Small and crazy park, almost all quarter pipes. Mini is fun if it has no holes.

Rangiora Skatepark
Don't you hate it when a town that already has a skatepark gets a brand new extension, while other towns that have been tryin for ages to get anything still have nothing. Oh well, go skate here anyway, it rules. The old park is some ancient asphalt mounds and hips while the new park has some great ginders, wedges, stairs and a pyramid.

St Albans Mini Ramp
Great little concrete spine ramp. Good trannies, smooth concrete and a roll through. Sorted.

Te Anau Skatepark
Lots of variety here, the hips and spine are good although one of the ledges kinda ruined by some pointless coping. Definite good times though.

Templeton Bowl
Small park but very skateable. All the ledges are a good size and the bowl if fun even though its more than a little shallow.

Temuka Skatepark
Sweet skate park with decent size ledges, nice six stair with handrail, step up, a little wee mini-ramp, couple movable rails and plenty more to keep you from getting bored.

Timaru Skatepark
Sick park with a ton of lines. A must stop if heading through.

Twizel Skatepark
Both Twizel and Cromwell have almost identical parks but the Twizel one wins as it as actually skateable. Cromwell is a bit of a joke.

Waltham Bowl
Fast and smooth keyhole bowl. The smaller 4ft end is a little tight but nothing you wont get used to. The larger bowl is around 6ft and the hips joining the two bowl are fun going both ways.

Wanaka Skatepark
The street side of this park is only let down by the small size of the pyramids and the lack of run in/out of a lot of the features. The bowls on the other hand are sick. 4ft joining both 5 and 7ft bowls. Super smooth and good coping all the way round. Tons of speed lines allow you to drop in a rip around all the bowls until you fall off.

Washington Skatepark
The super smooth concrete just got bigger with the second stage of this park now completed. The mellow mini ramp section now flows into an openly spaced street course with step ups, step downs, hips, banks, ledges, shit everything you need. Stay a while.

Wycola Bowl
This park is basically a pit in the ground with a lump in the middle, although its smooth and fast. There aren't many lines to be had but fun for old skool slash dogs. The vert ramp is pretty sketchy but rumored to be good.